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The flower is beautiful, but it’s delicate and light. Keep in mind that all the petals are made of cellophane, and the stem is not actually gold plated, but the stem is a plastic painted gold . The flower comes in a box and was really well packaged to ensure that the box wouldn’t get shaken up too much during delivery, so all the petals and leaves were intact. This would make a sweet gift.

Tara S.

It actually looks like the galaxy! They look great it the light. These are perfect for a gift for any occasion.Purchasing more so i can put them all in a vase. I like it very much at first sight. In fact, it is as beautiful as the picture. When I saw the pink box, I guess it must be the same as I thought. Very happy, I got a beautiful flower that has a different color under the sun. The thin leaves flashed in the light. Hey, this damn product, why is it so tempting?

Dawn S.

This fake rose came more detailed than I imagined it. I am very happy with my purchase. There were so many petals so when the light shines through them, they glistened. Second photo with the light doesn’t do justice for how it shines through the whole flower. My mother in law is going to love this for mother’s day! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful item she can display.

Meagan P.